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Breast Care Centre

The Breast Care Centre is a purpose built unit at the Glenfield Hospital which brings together the specialist staff needed to provide the majority of all breast care services for the people of Leicestershire.

Opened in 1999, it has four mammography rooms, four film reading rooms, three processing rooms, two ultrasound rooms and five clinic suites.

Ward 23a opened in 1998 and is both a breast and general surgical ward found in the main hospital where patients stay if surgical procedures are required.

The Centre is home to the static breast screening unit and acts as a base for the breast screening services. From here 120,000, 50 to 70 year old women from the whole of Leicestershire receive their breast screening invitations. 

Three mobile breast screening vans which visit thirteen different sites throughout the county are also managed from the centre. These vans enable the women from all areas in Leicestershire relatively easy access to this vital service.

Any woman who has a breast problem that has been referred by her doctor (GP) will be seen in the outpatient clinic area of the Breast Care Centre. Currently over one hundred women per week are referred this way.

During the last year, 770 women in Leicestershire were diagnosed and treated by our dedicated multidisciplinary team of staff that specialise in breast disease at the Breast Care Centre.

Other services provided within the Centre include family history/moderate risk/post-operative surveillance screening, lymphodema clinic, seroma clinic, reconstruction and oncology. A breast prosthetic fitting service is also available.

Please note: Breast Care move to Ward 24 at the Glenfield Hospital

Due to increased bed pressures and taking into account the safety of patients within the trust we have had to move the breast care patients to ward 24 at GH. This area also accommodates daycase activity which can be both male and female patients.

Whilst we recognise that this situation is not ideal every effort has been made to maintain patient’s privacy and dignity. We have made sure that the male and female patients are nursed separately and that they have designated toilet and washing facilities. There will be an opportunity for breast patients to discuss any concerns with the specialist nurses at preassessment. This arrangement will be reviewed on a monthly basis.