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Common Conditions

We use the ponseti method of treating club feet (also known as talipes, CTEV or talipes equinovarus). The ponseti method is a technique to straighten the feet, which has been successfully used in America for over 45 years.

The treatment manipulates the bones and stretches the contracted tissues of the foot. The foot is held in place with a plaster cast. The cast is left on for five to seven days. This allows enough time for the muscles and ligaments to relax and for the bones to grow into the corrected position. 

More information on the ponseti method can be found on the Ponseti User Group website (see below).

Another common condition we treat is DDH (also known as developmental dysplasia of the hip, dislocated hip or clicky hips). The treatment for this condition depends on the age at which the diagnosis is made. In babies treatment is often successful with a pavlik harness. In infants and pre-school children some form of surgery is nearly always required.

Links to useful websites:

Ponseti User Group website – patient information

Hip-baby parents guide - information about the treatment of DDH