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Imaging Services

Diagnostic imaging includes a range of imaging services which play a vital part in diagnosing and treating a vast range of conditions.

Types of Imaging

Types of imaging we perform include angiography/angioplasty, biliary drainage/stenting, breast screening, ultrasound, and MRI and CT scans as well as X-rays. 

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Recent updates from the service

Cone Beam CT

A cone beam CT scanner (CBCT), is a new type of x-ray machine. We are about to have its first one installed at Leicester Royal Infirmary during October 2014.

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Patient Lifting System (Simple Up)

We have successfully acquired patient lift systems for each of our three hospital sites. The systems, which were purchased using charitable funds, safely lift patients into the right position for x-rays and treatment, removing the risk of falls and offering greater flexibility for patient positioning.

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Payment machine for copies of Plain Film X-Rays on CD

As we know patients are often interested in having their own personal copies of their x-ray images, a payment machine for copies of Plain Film X-Ray Images on CD is now available at Leicester Royal Infirmary.

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MRI scanner

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