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New LGH Orthopaedic theatres


Our Orthopaedic department provides care for patients who have problems with bones, joints, muscles and ligaments. This can be as a result of disease, injury or can be something people are born with. 

We help people by diagnosing their problems and guide them through surgery and other treatments. We work closely with other departments to help rehabilitate people after their acute treatment finishes.

There are more than 200 different types of musculo-skeletal conditions, from common problems like knee pain to rarer conditions such as avascular necrosis. These can affect people of any age and can cause chronic pain and disability.

Our service includes Orthopaedic surgery for complex joint and spinal conditions, as well as for more minor problems. We operate on every part of the body apart from the head, dealing with arthritis, degenerative conditions and injuries from accidents or sports. We have specialists who deal with spinal problems and bone or soft tissue derived tumours.

We run a specialist fracture clinic that sees thousands of accident and injury patients each year. We have developed nurse-led clinics, pre assessment clinics, and provide rehabilitation at home. In addition there is a comprehensive range of occupational therapy, physiotherapy, and sports medicine services available.

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