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Putting the safety of our patients first
Press release date24/09/2012
Leicester’s Hospitals is supporting Safer Surgery Week (from 24 - 30 September). Throughout the week we will be promoting safer practices and ways to eliminate harm to patients.
Press release

We will be promoting the use of the Surgical Safety Checklist (also known as the WHO Checklist*).  This checklist is used so that staff go through a systematic check to make sure that everything is in place to ensure that a patient’s surgery goes ahead safely.  It covers things such as antibiotics and keeping patients warm, whether the right equipment for the procedure is present and working and they check the patients’ identity, the site and type of procedure so that errors can be avoided.  By following these few critical steps, staff can minimize the most common and avoidable risks which can endanger the lives and well-being of their patients.

During Safer Surgery Week we will be promoting a number of local activities that we will be holding for staff, such as a WHO checklist quiz, infection prevention advice and refresher training, a video where they can spots the deliberate errors and information about research we’ve carried out and are currently involved with.

Consultant anaesthetist, Dr Tim Bourne, said: “Keeping our patients safe is a top priority for us.  It’s really important that we use every opportunity to remind staff across our organisation the importance of keeping our patients safe when they’re in our operating theatres.  We are never complacent about patient safety and always seek to provide the highest-quality care and strive for improvements wherever possible.

“We will also be supporting staff to take advantage of the sessions and activities that are being run nationally by the Patient Safety First team via their website www.patientsafetyfirst.nhs.uk.”

We will be running sessions at all three of our hospitals between the 24th and the 29th September for staff.


Notes for editors

* The World Health Organization (WHO) Surgical Safety Checklist is used in any operating theatre environment. It is a tool for the relevant clinical teams to improve the safety of surgery by reducing deaths and complications.

The World Health Organisation (WHO)[1] published the 'WHO Surgical Safety Checklist and Implementation Manual' in 2008[2] in order to increase the safety of patients undergoing surgery.

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