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Leicester’s Hospital supports World Lupus Day – Wednesday 10 May
Press release date08/05/2017
Wednesday 10 May is World Lupus Day and its aim is to increase awareness of lupus and support the more than 5 million people affected by this condition worldwide.
Press release

Lupus Specialist Nurse Mandy McCartney at Leicester’s Hospitals said “there are approximately 600 people in Leicestershire living with lupus and it is my role to provide education, information, advice and counselling.”

“Lupus is an incurable immune system illness, probably genetic in origin and mainly suffered by females. It can affect any part of the body. In lupus the immune system produces far too many antibodies which, circulating through the bloodstream, cause reactions leading to inflammatory processes anywhere in the body.”

“My role enables a patient the opportunity to discuss concerns and worries, and I provide help and support, helping people to come to terms with the disease. In some cases patients with lupus have been undiagnosed for several years, and they feel frustrated that no one understands what they are going through. In most cases patients look reasonably well and it can be difficult for friends and relations to comprehend how ill they feel.”

“Patients feel relieved to talk to someone who understands what they are going through which is why I am pleased that we can offer a telephone advice line, it provides a vital helpline to sufferers and helps with day-to-day ‘flare ups’ and their management.”

To find out more about Lupus, visit lupusuk.org.uk or speak to your GP in the first instance.

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