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Grateful Phil spreads the gift of speech
Press release date14/07/2017
A Leicester man is helping other people who, like him, lost the ability to speak.
Press release

Phil Johnson, 66, who had his larynx removed due to throat cancer, has learned to speak again with an electrolarynx. 

To help people with a similar condition, he has donated two of the specialist devices to speech and language therapists working at Leicester Royal Infirmary. 

Mr Johnson told the team: “I could never repay you for what you've done for me over these past few years.”

He has set up a charity, 20 20 Voice, to buy more equipment and provide support for people who have had their larynxes removed.

He continued: “My life was turned upside down when it was realised that the only option I had left was major surgery to remove my larynx and a 'golf-ball' tumour.

“It saved my life, but afterwards I felt helpless. My mind had to cope with the world where you can see all and hear all but say nowt!”

But his life changed for the better when he was given an electrolarynx. He said: “I can communicate again, and the world became my oyster.”

Sarah Harris, Macmillan specialist head and neck speech and language therapist, was grateful for the donation of the electrolarynx devices, worth £1,200.

She added: “I’d like to thank Mr Johnson for his fundraising and just say how grateful we are that he  is giving something back to help others like him.”

The team who are employed by Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust, are based in the Ear, Nose and Throat department at Leicester Royal Infirmary. They currently treat  around 50 patients who have had their larynxes removed, mostly as a result of  cancer.

For more details on Mr Johnson’s charity, go to www.2020cancerappeal.org or search for 20 20 Voice on Facebook.


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