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Our 5-Year Strategy to Deliver Caring at its Best

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In July 2015 we published ‘Delivering Caring at its Best’ our 5-Year Plan.  It set out in detail our long term strategic objectives and our in-year priorities.

Less than a year on we are reflecting on what we have achieved in a relatively short space of time.  Our latest version encompasses what we have achieved to date, how our plans connect with our Quality Commitment, our clinical services strategy and our annual priorities for 2016/17 which will help deliver the next phase of our 5-Year Plan.

This version of ‘Delivering Caring at its Best’ is more detailed and refined and details the latest thinking around our clinical services strategy and the future of each of our hospitals.  

It is really important to understand that this document does not replace our 5-Year Plan “Delivering Caring at its Best”, which we published last year, rather it updates it to take account of the progress we have made in the last 12 months and to reflect some of the changes to the local and national NHS landscape. 

Read our latest Delivering Caring at its Best 5 Year plan (update 2016-2017) as a PDF

View our latest Delivering Caring at its Best 5 year plan (update 2016-2017) as an eBook

Delivering Caring at its Best 5 Year Plan (released 2015) as a PDF

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