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People standing in an Emergency Department queue - image taken from the choose better campaign leaflet

Emergency care

Stop! Is it an emergency?

Today’s NHS offers a wide range of services to people with illnesses or injuries that are new or have suddenly become a lot worse (acute health problems). Depending on the nature and severity of the problem, there are often good alternatives to a visit to the emergency department (ED).

Choosing the right care

The 'choose better' website can help you to find the right place for treatment.
Choose better website Choose better leaflet

Information about your local NHS services

GP out-of-hours services

If you need urgent help from your doctor (GP) or would like some advice but your GP surgery is closed:

Call the GP out-of-hours service on 0845  0450411.

Visit the GP out-of-hours service at the Royal Infirmary Urgent Care Centre

Or visit the NHS Direct website for advice or call 0845 46 47.

Minor injuries units

Minor injuries units (MIUs) are designed to treat less serious injuries, such as sprains, cuts and grazes.

If you live in Leicester city the nearest is the Urgent Care centre at Leicester Royal Infirmary

If you live outside Leicester, you may find it a lot more convenient to visit one of the following MIUs:

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Map of Leicestershire unscheduled care facilities

Our emergency department

Our emergency department (ED) at Leicester Royal Infirmary provides emergency care for adults and children 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Please use our service sensibly and consider one of the other options above whenever possible. This will help us to concentrate on what we do best: treating patients who are seriously ill or injured.

Emergency department  - vist out web pages to find out more about what we do

Website links:

NHS Choices website: 'Health A-Z: A&E Department'

NHS Choices website: 'What is an Emergency?'

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