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Car Parking Charge Information for the Leicester Royal Infirmary

Daily charge for patients and prime carers (£5.50)

The daily ticket is available to patients and prime carers. It costs £5.50 and is available from the car park office. The daily ticket expires at the end of the day it is purchased on. 

Prime carer rates for longer than six weeks

The prime carer of a patient that has been in hospital for more than six weeks will be provided with free parking from the beginning of the 7th week, there will be one exemption per patient but this can be passed between carers, the prime carer must provide proof of previous car park usage. To obtain this the carer must visit the car park office with the patient number and explain they are the carer of a patient that has been in hospital for more than six weeks, this information will be verified against the patient database and a free pass produced if eligible. If a second person requests a pass for the same patient they will be declined.

Reducing your charge

If you are delayed through no fault of your own, or have extended treatment that lasts longer than four hours, you or your carer can apply for a discount to reduce your car park fee to the daily rate of £5.50.  Only one person may claim the discount for each patient.

To claim the £5.50 maximum charge you need to:  

  1. Ask a member of staff on the ward or department to sign, date and write the time you leave on your appointment card, letter or a compliments slip
  2. Take the signed, dated and time stamped appointment card, letter or compliments slip to the car park office for your discount. The time on your card must be within a reasonable period of the time you show it to the car park office (please ask a member of staff for directions to the car park office at your hospital site).


Weekly ticket (£15.00)

This ticket is available for patients and prime carers. It is valid for 6 days after the date of purchase (For example, if purchased on a Tuesday it will expire at the end of the following Monday).

Monthly ticket (£50)

The monthly ticket costs £50 and can be used at any time during the calendar month. (For example, if purchased on 6th November it will expire at the end of 5th December).

Saver cards (£25)

Saver cards can be used at any time. A saver card costs £25 but you receive £50 credit (£25 free credit). The car park fee will be deducted from the card with each use. Saver cards can be used over any number of months and only run out when the £50 credit has been used.

All saver tickets (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, £25 saver)

Please note that these tickets do not guarantee a space and refunds will not be given. The weekly and monthly ticket can also be used across Glenfield Hospital and the Leicester General Hospital sites. To transfer your saver ticket visit the car park office. The £25 saver card can only be used at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.

Methods of payment

  • Paying by cash
    Saver tickets can be purchased direct from the car park office, staff in the office will be happy to take payment and issue the relevant saver ticket.
  • Paying by debit or credit card
    To pay by debit or credit card you will need to visit the cashier office before you go to the car parks office. At the cashier office you can pay for the required season ticket and you will be issued with a receipt. You should then present the receipt to the car park office where the relevant season ticket will be issued.

Patients on benefits

Patients receiving qualifying benefits can have their parking charges reimbursed (this applies to external public car parks as well as the hospital car parks).
The qualifying benefits are notified by the Department of Social Security and you will require proof of entitlement to the benefit and proof of hospital attendance from an appointment card or letter.  

The current qualifying benefits are:

  • Income Support Letter – valid for six months from the date in the top right hand corner
  • NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate Card
  • Income based Job Seekers’ Allowance Letter - valid for six months from the date in the top right hand corner
  • HC2 Exemption certificate
  • Income Related Employment and Support Allowance
  • Pension Credit Guarantee Credit
Before leaving the hospital the person on benefits must go to the cashiers office with the paperwork required to obtain a card entitling them to free exit.

In addition to the above if you are named on a HC3 Exemption Certificate, contact cashiers for advice, as you may qualify for some help.

Change machines 

Change machines are located next to security/car park office on level 0 of the Windsor building and near the Balmoral reception.

Cashier office 

The cashier office is located on the ground floor of Balmoral building (below the main reception).
Unauthorised parking 

Vehicles parked in unauthorised areas will be recorded and dealt with in a manner appropriate to the disruption caused.  Unauthorised parking may result in one of the following options:

  • Notification of inappropriate parking
  • Parking charge notice
The penalty charge will be set at £80 with a payment period of 28 days, but reduced to £45 if payment is made within 14 days. These charges follow guidance from the British Parking Association