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Faith and Chaplaincy

The chaplaincy provides religious, spiritual and pastoral care to patients, visitors and staff of all religions and beliefs, including those with no religious belief. 

The Chaplaincy team includes Christian, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh Chaplains as well as a non-religious Pastoral Carer.  The wider team of volunteers also includes Baha'i, Buddhist, Jewish and Jain representatives.

We also provide the Chaplaincy service to Leicestershire Partnership Trust's Community and Mental Health hospitals.

For updates on Chaplaincy activities and events see our Twitter feed: @Leic_Chaplaincy    

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If there is not an appropriate person within the team you can ask us to contact someone of your own faith, denomination or outlook.  All members of the chaplaincy are happy to work with those of different traditions and faiths.

The chaplains regularly visit the wards and are always happy to see patients or visitors, to offer a 'listening ear'. They are also available to pray with a patient or offer the appropriate religious support in an emergency. 

  • If you would like to speak to a chaplain you can contact the chaplaincy team at your hospital (details below). 

  • If you would like a member of the chaplaincy to visit a friend or relative in hospital please use the contact details below for the hospital where he/she is a patient. His/her name will be passed to the appropriate member of the team.
  • If you wish to request a chaplain to visit a patient in an emergency, at any time of the day or night, please ask a member of the nursing staff to contact the chaplain who is on-call. Please make clear the faith of the patient or if your request is specifically for a Roman Catholic Priest.


Chaplaincy contact details

The first point of contact for the Chaplaincy is the chaplaincy office at each hospital.  General enquiries can be addressed to Mark Burleigh, Head of Chaplaincy.

Glenfield Hospital Leicester General Hospital Leicester Royal Infirmary
(0116) 258 3413
(0116) 258 4243
(0116) 258 5487

Reverend Mark Burleigh (Head of Chaplaincy)   
Phone: (0116) 258 4243
E-mail: mark.burleigh@uhl-tr.nhs.uk

Please be aware that email is not secure, for more information read our email guidance