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GP latest news

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Welcome to the latest news section for GPs

Our monthly newsletters are designed to keep primary care up to speed on recent developments within Leicester‘s Hospitals.

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  • GP Newsletter - May 2016 [pdf / 3.24MB] Diabetes in Pregnancy update; FGM Clinic; Hepatitis C revolution; Achilles Tendinopathy Research; Renal Pharmacy – Transplant Immunosuppressant Medicines; Pain Clinic Update; Return to Sender; Consultant Connect Update; Changes to Ice Ordering – Cardiac Investigations; Admission Avoidance Directory; LMSG; E-Referral System Update – Advice and Guidance; Paediatric Orthopaedic Services; Haematology Advice and Guidance; GP Education and Events – Leicester Paediatric Grand Round, A Day about Headaches.
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  • GP Newsletter - April 2016 [pdf / 4.44MB] Acute Stroke Services; Changes in FBC Bottles; Outpatient Therapy DNA rates; Consultant Connect update; East Midlands Children's Specialised Health Services; Research Call – Scarring Alopecia; NHS E-Referral update including Advice and Guidance and Andrology Service; PRISM update – Back and Spinal Triage Service; Admission Avoidance Directory; LMSG update; GP Education and Events: Leicestershire Palliative Care Group Study Day – Changes in Cancer Treatments and Future Directions - 05 May 2016; A day on Headaches – 01 July 2016; Leicestershire Palliative Care Study Group Day – Breast Cancer – 06 October 2016
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  • GP Newsletter March 2016 [pdf / 3.57MB] Consultant Connect update; NHS E-Referral Service update – Advice and Guidance on 2WW Lower GI Referrals (City CCG Pilot); Update on Reticulocyte Haemoglobin Content; Celebrating Success; Clinical Microbiology User Handbook; Paediatric Milk Study; Changes to Rubella Screening in pregnancy; PRISM update; NHS E-Referral Service Advice and Guidance services; Admission Avoidance Directory revised; LMSG link; Courses Available: Practical Paediatric Allergy – 25/26 May 2016; MSc/PGDip Musculoskeletal Medicine; GP Education and Events: Joint Injection Course; Leicestershire Palliative Care Group Study Day – Changes in Cancer Treatments and Future Directions; Save the date – A day on Headaches
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  • GP Newsletter - February 2016 [pdf / 2.59MB] Consultant Connect update; GP Services Team Update; New Triage service on ERS for Back / Spinal referrals; Introduction of Reticulocyte Haemoglobin Content (CHr) testing for iron deficiency; On-site Pharmacy update; PRISM update; Advice and Guidance Update; Removal of Syphilis test from Dementia Template; LMSG Update; GP Education and Events: End of Life Care issues relating to ICD's; Joint Injection Course; Leicestershire Palliative Care Group Study Day
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  • January 2016 GP Newsletter [pdf / 1.79MB] Bladder and Bowel Services; Acute Kidney Injury update; MacMillan Rapid Referral Guidelines on PRSIM; ICE changes for CT Imaging; Advice and Guidance Service for Nephrology; Antenatal Screening Test for Patu's / Edwards Syndrome; Improvements for ASI referrals on ERS system; Performance update; Hepatitis B Programme; Consultant Connect; Consultant Update; GP Education and Events: Leicester Fertility Centre; Paediatric Grand Round; Radiology and Respiratory / COPD Event; Joint Injection Course