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Royal Infirmary

Our maternity and neonatology service is currently split across two main sites (General/ Royal), with a small midwife led birthing unit in Melton.

The split means that staff are spread too thinly and we struggle to maintain consultant cover especially in obstetrics and neonates.  That is not good for safety or sustainability, as the CQC have pointed out to us on more than one occasion.

At times of high demand and or low staffing, one or other of the maternity units close and mums are diverted to the other site for their deliveries.  We want to fix this and so we would like to bring maternity and neonates together at the Royal in a new dedicated £88m Maternity Hospital.

This would allow use to offer obstetric led birth and a co-located midwife led unit with neonates in the same building.  This would mean women could choose a less ‘medical’ delivery, but close to the staff and equipment to support them should something go wrong whilst her baby is being born.  More importantly it concentrates skilled staff and expensive equipment in one place, meaning we’re less fragile when demand is high.

Separately we would like to consult on closing the Midwife Led Birthing Unit in Melton which is under-used – just one baby delivered every 2.5 days – and move the service to the General where we think it will be better used and be better accessed for more of the local population.

Royal Infirmary - artist impression of the Maternity Hospital
Royal Infirmary - artist impression of the Maternity Hospital

Also at the Royal we want to create a new standalone Children’s Hospital.

We have the biggest children’s hospital in the East Midlands, but you wouldn’t know it.  Not least because the majority of our children’s services are dotted around the Royal Infirmary surrounded by adult inpatient areas.  Then of course we have children’s heart surgery which is based at the Glenfield.

So the plan is that when we vacate the Kensington Building and move the maternity services into the new maternity hospital we will turn Kensington into the new standalone children’s hospital.

As with all our plans the key theme is getting all the right services into the right place.  With the Children’s Hospital this is doubly important because not only does it mean we have all the children’s clinical team together at last but it also means we can create an environment that is age appropriate, i.e. welcoming and less scary.

Royal Infirmary - artist impression of the Children's Hospital
Royal Infirmary - artist impression of the Children's Hospital
Royal Infirmary - future site map
Royal Infirmary - future site map key
Royal Infirmary - future site map