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           The UHL Adult Allergy Service

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Adult Allergy services are provided by the University Hospitals of Leicester at both the Glenfield Hospital (GH) and the Leicester Royal Infirmary (LRI) sites

We provide a comprehensive service covering all allergic conditions. We are also able to advise on whether symptoms which are difficult to diagnose could be due to allergy. We provide immune system therapy (desensitisation), for people with venom allergy and severe hayfever (allergic rhinitis) as well as specialised antibody treatments for hives (chronic spontaneous urticaria). We provide specialised diagnostic services for drug allergy and food allergy and work closely with our Respiratory and Dermatology colleagues to determine whether allergy is playing a part in asthma and eczema.

In some cases all aspects of the consultation can be dealt with in just one visit.  There is a weekly team meeting at which complex cases are discussed and the best way forward determined.  All letters regarding consultations, results and communication to GPs are made available to service users promptly.  We generally prefer to see new patients face to face to enable comprehensive review.  Telephone appointments are now routine for follow up reviews unless there are new or unresolved issues  You will be informed before an appointment which form the consultation will take and you will be able to express a preference.

Referrals into the service are generally through GPs.  Referrals are assessed by one of the consultant team and the GP advised if further information or action is required before an appointment is made.  Some referrals occur as a result of visits to a hospital speciality or Accident and Emergency.

We have an active research programme into the causes and treatment of asthma and allergic disease and you may be invited to take part in this programme.  Research is carried out in partnership with the NIHR Leicester Biomedical Research Centre.

Adult allergy services are provided by a team of six consultants and a GPwER (General Practitioner with Extended Role).  They are supported by a large team of specialist professionals including asthma and allergy nurses at GH, allergy and clinical immunology nurses at the LRI,  dieticians, a consultant pharmacist/pharmacist technician and secretarial/administrative support.

Allergy services are run from within the Respiratory, Renal and Cardiovascular (RRCV) and Clinical support and imaging (CSI) Clinical Management Groups. Any compliments or complaints about the service should be directed to the Patient Information and Liaison Service.

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