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Blood Clot Prevention

We have appointed our first blood clot prevention (thromboprophylaxis) nurse specialist.  

This is the first post of its kind at our hospitals and will focus on protecting patients from potentially fatal blood clots (known as thrombosis or venous thromboembolism (VTE)).

Hospital patients are at risk from blood clots forming in leg veins (known as deep vein thrombosis or DVT). These clots can break off and block blood vessels in the lungs (known as pulmonary embolism) which can be fatal.

It is estimated that each year fatal blood clots cause more than 25,000 deaths in the UK.  

Lisa Tams, who has been a nurse at our hospitals since she began her training in 1989, said: “I am excited to be part of the team working to reduce hospital acquired thrombosis." 

"I will be focusing on ensuring all patients are assessed for their risk of developing VTE during their stay in hospital as well as educating patients and staff.”  

We are a good example to other hospitals

We have already been named an exemplar centre for our excellent work in protecting patients from potentially fatal blood clots.  

Leicester was the first trust in the East Midlands, and one of just 14 centres throughout the UK, to achieve exemplar status and join the national network.  


Leaflet link: 

Preventing blood clots while you are in hospital - the risks of blood clots and what you can do to avoid them


Web link:

Lifeblood, the thrombosis charity

You can find accessibility information for DVT Clinic here.