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Admission checklist

The checklist below was kindly written by one of our recent patients, for which we are very grateful. She says "A few days before the operation, being slightly anxious, I found that I had forgotten some of the information and couldn't remember where I had read it" so she created this checklist for future patients to use before they leave home to come to the hospital. To print your own copy, right click anywhere and select "print".




Take all medication into hospital

Check at pre-op which of your usual medications to take on morning of surgery



Dressing gown with pockets

Nightwear (loose fitting, preferably that buttons at the front)

Pair of slippers/flip flops/shoes

Small change for newspapers etc

Possibly credit card for TV

Something to read or a puzzle book

Label glasses, hearing aids

Wear clothing that doesn't need to go over your head (may be difficult after surgery)

If you have cotton pants you can wear your own during operation

Mobile phone (but on silent so as not to disturb other patients)

If having a marker on day of surgery, maybe worthwhile wearing a vest as it is difficult to put your bra on

Bras: sports bras can be comfortable after operation (but not underwired), or soft bra with no lace

Get measured for a bra before going into hospital to get the right fitting

Bra extenders can be useful for after surgery

Wedding ring can be worn but will be taped during the operation

Let staff know any special diet requirements

Write any questions down that you have forgotten to ask at the pre-op (you will be able to ask the consultant on the day)

Check the visiting policy

Shower 2 days before the operation and on the morning with the anti-bacterial soap to reduce the risk of MRSA (provided at the pre-op)

Apply the antibacterial nasal ointment two days before and on the morning of the operation to reduce the risk of MRSA




Don't shave under the arms for a week before the operation

Avoid deodorant, talcum powder or body lotion on the morning of surgery (best to avoid these after surgery until the wounds have healed)

Don't take valuables into the hospital (wedding ring allowed)

Don't eat or drink after 12 midnight before the operation

Don't wear nail varnish on day of operation

Don't wear makeup on day of operation

Don't wear any jewellery (other than wedding ring) or any piercings during the operation

False teeth may have to be removed during the operation, you will be asked if any of your teeth are crowned

Don't chew gum after 12 midnight before the operation