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Breast & Cosmetic Implant Registry

In response to the Department of Health's "Review of the Regulation of Cosmetic Interventions", known as the "Keogh Report", NHS Digital launched the Breast & Cosmetic Implant Registry in October 2016. The intention is that if in the future, there are safety concerns or product recalls relating to breast implants, such as occurred with PIP implants, the patients involved can be traced and contacted promptly. Their patient information leaflet is available here. If you have implants and wish to be included in the Registry, you will be asked to fill out a specific consent form as your personal details are held outside UHL on a national database. Whilst care has been taken to ensure that this system is secure, there is a risk (as with any computer database) that your personal information could be lost or accessed illegally and then made public at some point. You should weigh up the risk of this with the potential benefit of being easily contactable in event of safety concerns.