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Breast screening programme

The NHS Breast Screening Programme provides free breast screening every three years for all women in the UK aged 50 and over and saves hundreds of lives.

Women aged between 50 and 70 are currently invited every three years.

A recent study has shown that digital mammography is better for screening younger women and women with denser breasts, and is equally effective as film mammography in older women. As a result, the programme is now being gradually extended to women aged 47 to 49, as well as to those aged 71 to 73.

Once women reach the upper age limit for routine invitations for breast screening they are encouraged to make their own appointment. 

Public Health England have published information here about breast screening for trans and non-binary people.

Women are invited to attend for screening at the purpose-built breast care centre at the Glenfield Hospital or alternatively there is a mobile unit which aims to bring screening services closer to home.

Screening can help cancer be detected and treated earlier which means women can have a much better chance of survival. The latest research shows that the NHS Breast Screening Programme is now saving 1,400 lives every year in England.

If you have been invited for screening, or have been for screening and have any questions about the result, you should contact the name and address shown on your invitation letter or result letter. If you are worried about a specific problem, or otherwise worried about the risks of cancer, then you should talk to your GP. 

If you are feeling unwell and would find it difficult to attend your scheduled breast screening appointment, please contact the office on 0116 258 3644. The team will be happy to rearrange the appointment for you.

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