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Advanced Nurse Practitioners

Our team of Advanced Nurse Practitioners are based in the Breast Care Centre at Glenfield. They mainly work in the clinic, assessing new patients who have been referred to us by their GP. This involves talking to the patient about the reason for the referral; an examination of the breasts and armpit area. The Advanced Nurse Practitioner then arranges the most suitable tests – this may be a mammogram, ultrasound and /or sampling of the area.  Not everyone has all of the tests, and occasionally some specialised test may need to be arranged on a separate visit.

The Advanced Nurse Practitioners also participate in the wider Multidisciplinary Team Meeting and giving results of imaging and biopsies both in the clinic and over the telephone.

The Advanced Nurse Practitioners work alongside the Breast Care Nurses and surgeons, assisting in theatres at point of operation. They are also involved in the long-term follow-up of patients who have completed their breast cancer treatment and may refer onto other specialists as needed. They participate in nurse-led activity including aspiration of post-op seromas and tissue expansion for those patients under-going reconstructive surgery.

The Advanced Nurse Practitioner team comprises: Jill Hardman-Smith (Lead Advanced Nurse Practitioner), Diane Bonnington, Julie Drew and Rhona Stewart.