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Clinic Co-ordinators

The clinic co-ordinators are a close-knit team based at the Glenfield Hospital. They are responsible for arranging all the different Breast Care clinics: for new patients, results, pre-assessment and follow-up. Your GP referral comes to the “Two week wait” team who send out your appointment letter. If you can’t attend your appointment, it is the clinic co-ordinators who will rebook it for you. The clinic co-ordinators then prepare each clinic to make sure that your referral letter and hospital notes are available for the doctors and nurses in the clinic.

When you arrive in the clinic, the co-ordinator will be at the desk to greet you and check your details. After you have been assessed, they record the outcome of your appointment on the hospital’s information system and arrange your follow-up appointment if required or add your name to the waiting list if you need to be admitted for an operation. In order to do this, the co-ordinators will obtain required test results and liaise with the wider clinical team to ensure that results are available for subsequent appointments, or make the necessary rearrangements if the results are taking longer than expected.

Breast Care has a team of seven clinic co-ordinators: Heidi Mcmurdo, Sarah Clarke, Steve Crewe, Nicola Tanner, Melanie Plant, Dawn Alam, Charlotte Willimott and Michelle McCullock.


Telephone numbers for enquires are as follows:

Miss Kenny 0116 2563432

Miss Appleton 0116 2563341

Mr.Krupa 0116 2563735

Miss Valsassiadou 0116 2563291

Miss Shokuhi 0116 2563587

Miss Kaushik 0116 2502368

Mr Pilgrim  0116 2563735