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Cancer Care Reviews

Cancer Care Reviews

Support for people living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis does not finish at the end of treatment in hospital. GPs, practice nurses and other members of the primary care network staff have a key role to play in supporting patients during and following treatment.  One of the key times that they will do this is at a Cancer Care Review.

What is a Cancer Care Review?

A Cancer Care Review is an opportunity for you to receive support from members of your GP practice team (usually a GP or practice nurse) following a diagnosis of cancer.  It is an opportunity for you to raise any concerns you may have and to talk through your experiences. These reviews are designed to be patient-led, letting you discuss the things that concern you most and finding ways in which you can help yourself or be supported by your GP practice. 

Cancer Care Reviews should take place within three months of a cancer diagnosis and may take the form of an initial phone-call. The support which can be offered by your GP practice and Primary Care Network can be explained at this time.  A further conversation with a clinical member of the team should be offered a year following your diagnosis.  There is a template available for practices to use. This will produce a care plan including a summary of any concerns you raise with actions and information to support you. 

You can ask for a Cancer Care Review at any time, not just within the twelve month period.  If you have concerns about living with and beyond your cancer diagnosis, or if concerns develop over time, please get in touch with your GP practice and ask for a Cancer Care Review.

 This page reviewed 04/07/2024