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Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA)

An HNA ensures that people’s physical, practical, emotional, spiritual and social needs are met in a timely and appropriate way, and that resources are targeted to those who need them most

What is a holistic needs assessment?

An HNA is a simple questionnaire that is completed by a person affected by cancer. It allows them to highlight the most important issues to them at that time, and this can inform the development of a care and support plan with their nurse or key worker. The questionnaire can be completed on paper, or electronically.  An HNA is also sometimes referred to as a concerns checklist.

An HNA may be offered around the time of a cancer diagnosis. It will probably be carried out by your key worker.

If you have a cancer diagnosis and haven’t been offered an HNA, please ask your key worker about this.

Please click on link below for an example of an HNA:

HNA Concerns checklist

 Alternatively if you do not wish to have a full HNA, and have concerns that you would like information on, please click on the links below

Physical concerns
Practical concerns
Emotional concerns
Family or relationship concerns
Spiritual concerns
Information or support

 This page last reviewed 19/06/2023