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Due to infection control measures, we use wards 10, 14 and 19 for children with CF. These wards are located in the Balmoral Building of the Leicester Royal Infirmary on Level 4 and Level 6 respectively.

Inpatient stays:

It is typical for patients that are admitted for treatment to stay in hospital for at least 2 weeks and sometimes longer depending on the treatment regime. Patients will be allocated a cubicle for the duration of their admission. While most treatments are required to be carried out in the cubicle or side-room there are opportunities for children to use the physiotherapy gyms. During the school term, children of school age will have access to the Hospital School to ensure continuity of their educational needs. We also have Play Specialists that will spend time with children and young people during their admission. 

Click on the links to each professional for more information for their involvement during inpatient admissions .

Home IV’s Service:

For some of our CF patients it may be possible to be admitted to hospital for a shorter period before continuing their treatment at home. This service is provided for patients on an individual basis and requires parents/carers to be trained and administer the IV antibiotics at home. We also provide physiotherapy to these children at home or in school.

You can find accessibility information for Ward 10 here.