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Our values and principles

CYPICS - Children’s and Young Persons’ Integrated Cancer Service

The core values of CYPICS and its partners are to work as an effective team to provide the best family-centered care.

In line with these values, the following principles will guide us:

  • Our aim is to provide high quality clinical care as well as emotional and practical support to children and their families.

  • We will provide family-centered care.

  • Our services and care will be age appropriate.

  • We will always talk to children and their families to ensure that we are all in agreement about decisions made.

  • We will identify and meet the needs of the individual child and family.

  • We recognize that this can be a difficult time for children and their families. We will develop ways to reduce distress for our patients and their families wherever possible.

  • We will offer children / families the opportunity to take part in appropriate clinical trials.

  • We will actively participate in or contribute to a range of laboratory and clinical research projects that aim to improve the outcome for children and their families in the future.

  • We will work with community care providers to optimize services for the care of children and their families.

  • We recognize and support our staff and help them gain the skills and support they need to enable them to offer the best care for children and families.