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Patient Stories from Children's Cancer Service

Funraising Mascot Dr Fox and patient Amber Palin in a toy car

Amber Palin - my story

Amber Palin of Elmesthorpe turned 4 in the summer of 2010 and started school at Thurlaston Primary that autumn. Having made a happy transition into school life she was diagnosed with a malignant abdominal tumour on 1st November - a day her parents will never forget.

Following the initial diagnosis at the Queens Medical Centre in Nottingham, Amber came back to Leicester for her treatment as a day case patient on Ward 27 of the Children’s Hospital at the Royal Infirmary. This involved an initial session of chemotherapy followed by surgery and post-op chemotherapy. Due to the frequency of the initial chemotherapy sessions and the size of the tumour, Amber became extremely unwell at the beginning of December and spent the majority of the month - including Christmas day – with us. During this time, Amber had a full body magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan and this revealed the primary source of the tumour. As a consequence of this the surgery was postponed and Amber was started on a new course of chemotherapy.

Amber’s had surgery to remove the tumour at Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham, in February 2011, followed by further chemotherapy sessions at Leicester Children’s Hospital until the end of April.

Amber’s dad, Robert, said: “At all times the staff on Ward 27 have been excellent and although the situation at times seemed very bleak, their professionalism and warm, kind-hearted approach for engaging Amber, and us, exceeded our expectations. We know this is a special team of people.”

Although Amber will need to keep coming back for regular check ups at the hospital for the next two years, she is doing really well. She was very excited to return to school and see all her friends this September.

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