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The team

CYPICS - Children’s and Young Persons’ Integrated Cancer Service

East Midlands Children’s Cancer Network Co-ordinating Group (CCNCG)

The purpose of this group is to provide oversight and support to CYPICS. The group meets quarterly and includes representatives from the regional health community. This includes  specialised commissioners, NHS Trust managers Clinicians, the CYPICS service management team and  parent representatives. Families within the service can contact the parent rep to ensure their views are represented.

The parent rep can be contacted on the email address CYPICSrep@mychildhascancer.co.uk

CYPICS Service Management Team

Joint Clinical Service Director                                   
Prof R Grundy                                                                  
Nottingham Children’s Hospital                                                                                                                

Joint Clinical Service Director
Dr J Visser
Leicester Children’s Hospital

Lead Nurse                                                        
Mrs M Parr

Assistant General Manager                                       
Mrs Sarah Howarth                                                        

Coordinating Centre manager
Ms M Hanson

Principle Treatment Centre

Consultant team

Paediatric Oncologists
Prof R Grundy 1
Dr D Heney 2
Dr M Hewitt 1
Dr M Madi 2
Dr E Ross 2
Dr J Visser 2
Prof D Walker 1
Dr S Wilne 1

Paediatric Haematologists
Dr E Astwood 1
Dr S Stokley 1

Paediatric Surgeons
Mr B Davies 1
Mr B Eradi 2
Mr S Nour 2
Mr R Stewart 1

Paediatric Neurosurgeons
Ms Cartmill 1
Mr D Macarthur 1
Mr M Vloeberghs 1

Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeons
Mr G Peek 2

Dr N Broderick 1
Dr F Dickinson 2
Dr K Halliday 1
Dr T Jaspen 1

Clinical Oncologists
Dr K Cardale 3
Dr D Saunders 3
Dr A Rickett 2
Dr J Somers 1


Prof J Lowe 1
Dr D ONeill 1
Dr K Robson 1

Paediatric Oncology Shared care Units

Shared Care Paediatricians                                        
Dr S Ali 4
Dr B Koodyadeth 4
Dr M Pervez 5
Dr D Thomas 6

Lead Nurse
Helen Lythgoe 5 and 6


1 Based at Nottingham Childrens Hospital - 0115 924 99 24
2 Based at Leicester Childrens Hospital - 0300 303 1573
3 Based at Nottingham City Hospital - 0115 969 1169
4 Based at Northampton General Hospital - 01604 634 700

5 Based at Pilgrim Hospital – 01205 364801
6 Based at Lincoln County Hospital - 01522 512 512