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What you can expect

If your doctor suspects a diagnosis of cancer he/she will contact the   EMCYPICS Principal Treatment Centre at either Nottingham Children’s Hospital or Leicester Children’s Hospital depending on which tests are required.  

Your child may need to be admitted to undergo these tests or will be asked to attend hospital during the day for tests and appointments. We will explain what the tests involve and inform you of the outcome as soon as possible. Please ask the nurse or doctor caring for your child if you have any questions at any time.

The EMCYPICS Team will make every effort to establish what is wrong with your child as quickly as possible. However the highly specialised nature of the tests that may be required sometimes mean it can take several days, even a few weeks, before it is clear exactly what is wrong.

The way we work 

The results of tests will be jointly interpreted by specialists from across the East Midlands to ensure the correct diagnosis is made and if appropriate the most suitable treatment plan is recommended. 

CYPICS - Integrated Cancer services meeting

Patients who are found not to have cancer will be referred back to their doctor (GP) or other appropriate services.

If your child’s symptoms are caused by a type of cancer we will carefully explain the diagnosis and the proposed treatment. We collaborate with colleagues in the UK and from around the world to ensure the most suitable treatments are offered. You may also be given the opportunity to take part in national or international trials.

CYPICS -  Integrated Cancer Service, Information checklist images

We will provide additional information on all these aspects at that stage and will assign a key worker (paediatric oncology outreach nurse) who will help to guide you through the treatment.  

Some of this information can be downloaded in the Helpful Information Section of this webpage.

In line with national guidance we will endeavour to provide you with the highest quality care as close as possible to your home. Due to the rarity of childhood cancer and the complexity of its treatment some treatments are only available in certain hospitals and we will discuss the most suitable option for you as soon as it is clear what your child’s treatment will involve.