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Admission for Surgery

If your child is waiting for an orthopaedic operation under our care at Leicester Royal Infirmary, we will write to let you know when we have arranged for them to be admitted to hospital. The operation will take place on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday morning.  

Please contact ward 19 at the Royal Infirmary at 6.00am on the morning of the operation to make sure that there is a bed for your child. If there is a bed available we would like you to arrive on the ward by 7.00am and the operation will take place that morning. 

You will be asked to bring your child to the Children's Hospital Outpatients department for a pre-surgery check on a Tuesday approximately two weeks before the planned surgery.

During the pre-surgery visit your child will be seen by one of the orthopaedic doctors, checked to make sure that they are fit for an anaesthetic and any necessary blood tests will be taken. At this visit you will also be told all about the forthcoming stay in hospital.  Please note that this visit may last up to three hours. At the visit, you will usually be given information about your child's length of stay in hospital, what arrangements will need to be made at home for their discharge (if any) and you will be given the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. Please feel free to ask about any aspect of your child's care. When you come to the hospital, please bring a list of any medicines your child is currently taking along with the medicine itself. If your child becomes unwell between the date of the pre-surgery check and the date of your child's planned surgery, please let the Consultant's secretary know. You should also do this if any aspect of your child's routine medication is changed.

If your child is due to have an immunisation vaccination two weeks before surgery please ask your doctor to delay the immunisation until the week after the operation if possible.  If the immunisation cannot be changed then the operation will be delayed.

If there are any problems with the arrangements for admission, or you have any queries please do not hesitate to call the ward.

To contact ward 19 at Leicester Royal Infirmary - call Leicester (0116) 258 5544.

You can find accessibility for Ward 19 LRI here.

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