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Bow Legs & Knock Knees

We often see children whose parents are concerned about the shape of their childs’ legs. Toddlers often have quite bandy legs (bowed legs) especially when they first start walking.

This usually straightens up quickly and actually goes the other way, becoming quite knocked knee by the age of 3-4. The adult shape of legs is most often seen by the age of 6-7.

This process has been noted in scientific studies and has been described as physiological genu varum (bowed legs) and physiological genu varus (knock knees).

Children may vary in age at which they achieve physiological genu varus and physiological genu valgus.  Orthopaedic assessment is recommended if this normal development is either not seen or significantly delayed. Surgery is very rarely required and usually a period of monitoring is all that is required.

If you are concerned please watch this short video: