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Clinical Genetics

Leicester Hospital’s genetics service was launched in 1982 with one clinic, and has since grown four-fold, seeing more than 1,700 patients each year. Patients and families are referred to the service for genetics counselling if they have a known/suspected genetic condition or Family history of known/suspected genetic condition. Clinical Genetics is one of the few hospital based sub-specialities which see individuals of all ages.  Patient records are kept separately from other hospital records, within family groupings because of confidentiality. The genetics services has always had a close link to the top-rated, Department of Genetics, University of Leicester. 

Since the 80’s a growing range of conditions have been linked to genetics. This includes hereditary breast and bowel cancers, rare diseases such as Huntingdon’s, developmental disorders such as Down’s Syndrome, birth defects like cleft lip and palate,  genetics conditions affecting eye, heart, bone, blood, skin, brain and in fact every body system.

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