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The Clinical Genetics staff

Clinical, Nursing and Managerial Leads


Head of Service: Dr Pradeep Vasudevan

Telephone: 0116 258 5697  

General Manager for Clinical Genetics: Ms Dona Marshall

Telephone: 0116 258 5047  

Senior Genetic Counsellor: Ms Victoria Kiesel

Telephone: 0116 258 5697

Head of Cytogenetics Service: Mrs Lara Cresswell

Telephone 0116 258 5637   Email:lara.cresswell@uhl-tr.nhs.uk

Cytogenetics Operational Manager: Mrs Jo Lowry

Telephone 0116 258 5637   Email:jo.lowry@uhl-tr.nhs.uk

Head of Molecular Genetics: Dr Abid Sharif

Telephone: 0115 9691169 ext 55207  Email: abid.sharif@nuh.nhs.uk                        

Medical Staff

  • Dr Pradeep Vasudevan, Head of Clinical Service                                
  • Dr Julian Barwell, Consultant Cancer Geneticist                                 
  • Dr Huw Dorkins, Consultant Clinical Geneticist                                      
  • Prof Shirley Hodgson, Consultant Clinical Geneticist                        
  • Dr Emily Craft, Consultant Clinical geneticist          
  • Dr Corrina Powell, Specialist Registrar
  • Dr Neeta Lakhani, Specialist Registrar   
  • Dr Katie Johnson, Trust Grade Doctor                                 


Nursing / Allied health care staff / Genetic Counselling team  

  • Ms Victoria Kiesel, Senior Genetic Counsellor
  • Vanita Jivanji, Genetic Counsellor                           
  • Claire Curtis, Genetic Counsellor                            
  • Penny VanBesouw, Genetic Counsellor          
  • Beckie Kaemba, Genetic Counsellor     
  • Rosa Spencer-Tansley, Genetic Counsellor

Clinical Genetics Support Team

  • Mrs Hurama Salemahomed, GC Assistant                                             
  • Mrs Shushma Kotecha, Health care assistant                               


Admin/ Clerical      

  • Ms Allison Madill, Team Leader Genetics                                      
  • Mrs Nicola Backus, Project Support Officer
  • Mrs Marjorie Hopson, Medical Secretary                                           
  • Mrs Karla Woodhall, Clinic Co-ordinator                                          
  • Mrs Charlaine Winder, Clinic Co-ordinator 
  • Mrs Victoria Hunt, Clinic Co-ordinator  
  • Ms Pravina Kaylan, Clinic Co-ordinator                                                                                                
  • Mr Mark Dalby, Audit Clerk                                                           


There are also strong links across other specialties within University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust.

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For directions and details of how to find our hospitals, please click here.

Family History Formhttp://insitetogether.xuhl-tr.nhs.uk/Divisions/Corporate/CommunicationsandExternalRelations/Documents/Tom%20Jelley/Family%20history%20form%20booklet%20-%20WEB%20Version.pdf

Urgent Antenatal Referral to Clinical Genetics Department - http://insitetogether.xuhl-tr.nhs.uk/Divisions/Corporate/CommunicationsandExternalRelations/Documents/Tom%20Jelley/Clinical%20Genetics.pdf

Urgent Cancer Referral BRCA - http://insitetogether.xuhl-tr.nhs.uk/Divisions/Corporate/CommunicationsandExternalRelations/Documents/Tom%20Jelley/Urgent%20Cancer%20referral%20BRCA.pdf