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Adult clinical immunology page

Adult Clinical Immunology is based at the Leicester Royal Infirmary (LRI) and Leicester General Hospital (LGH) and is open Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM. The department is involved in the investigation, diagnosis and treatment of patients with suspected and established immune deficiency including:

  • Antibody deficiency including common variable immune deficiency
  • Secondary immune deficiencies
  • Neutrophil defects such as chronic granulomatous disease
  • Complement defects including hereditary angioedema
  • Other primary immune deficiencies including autoinflammatory disease

We provide a service to patients from Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland regions with a population of over a million people as well as northern Northamptonshire. We currently look after over 300 patients with immunodeficiency disorders. 

The service maintains a secure local database of primary and secondary immune deficiency patients. This allows for regular audit of our practice against local and national standards. We also record information on a national database for primary immune deficiencies.

Education and Training
The service is actively involved in the delivery of educational sessions for various medical and nursing professionals and students.

Our teams members are involved in speaking and presenting posters at national and international conferences

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