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Meet the Adult CF Team:

Simon Range - Consultant Respiratory Physician

Chandra Ohri - Consultant Respiratory Physician

Berni Donaghy - CF Nurse Specialist

Sarah Lea - CF Nurse Specialist

Nicki Mills - CF Physiotherapist

Balraj Sidhu - CF Dietician

Sapna Gohil - CF Pharmacist

Debbie Modha - CF Microbiologist

Nicola Buccheri - CF Psychologist

Julia Kowal - CF Service Coordinator

Jack Redhead - CF Secretary

CF Outpatient Clinics at Glenfield Hospital

Thursday (weekly) - am - Adult CF 

Friday (monthly) - am  - Adult CF pseudomonas patients only

Friday (monthly) - pm - Adult CF Nurse-led Diabetic clinic

First Thursday (bi-monthly) - am - Joint-led Adolescent Clinic

Appointments in the CF Clinic

It is important to arrive for your appointment on time, unless there is an unavoidable delay.

We do realize that some of our patients travel quite a distance so if you are held up, please do try to let us know.

If you are unable to attend your appointment, please remember to let us know. Our clinics can be very busy so are often booked up weeks in advance. If you contact us in good time your slot will not be wasted, and it means we are able to offer the appointment to someone else who might otherwise face a long wait.

To cancel or rearrange your appointment, please contact Julia Kowal, CF Service Coordinator on: (0116) 250 2699.

Alternatively you can ring or text Berni Donaghy or Sarah Lea (CF Nurse Specialists) on: 07908324629 / 07507849946.



What happens when you are admitted to the Adult CF Centre on Ward 16 at Glenfield Hospital.

We have 6 single bedded rooms for inpatient stays, all with en-suite facilites. We also have a fully air-conditioned gymnasium on the unit.

What should I expect if I am admitted to hospital?

Sometimes you will need to be admitted to hospital so that you can have some help receiving your treatment.  When a date of admission has been agreed, the ward will contact you between 09.00 - 13.00 on that day for bed availability and time.

What ward will I be admitted to?

You will be admitted to Ward 16 - Cystic Fibrosis Unit for adults with Cystic Fibrosis.

What do I need to bring in from home?

  • The usual everyday clothes/nightwear
  • Toiletries
  • Insulin pens and pen needles
  • Insulin
  • Blood sugar monitors and blood testing strips
  • Air compressor and pots
  • All airway clearance equipment eg flutter
  • Extension sets for gastrostomy button


What are the visiting times?

Visiting times on Ward 16 are 10.00am - 21.00pm.

Permission for children to visit must be gained from the nurse in charge prior to visiting.

Can my visitors stay overnight?

Family or friends are allowed to stay overnight in special circumstances only. This must be discussed with the nurse in charge. If permission is given for family or friends to stay overnight, a relative's room can be made available.

When will I see the doctors?

There is a consultant ward round every Monday morning. You will also be reviewed on the other days by a CF Registrar

What is available to me during my admission?

  • A laptop computer with internet access and TV channels
  • Your own fridge
  • A variety of shops and services eg. news agent, Lloyds Chemist a fruit and veg stall and three cafes all within the hospital.


Am I allowed to use my mobile phone?

The use of mobile phones is allowed in patient rooms. However, they should not be used during treatment times and ward rounds.

What food is available on the ward?

In addition to the main hospital menu we have other menus for CF patients to use and these are available when a housekeeper is on duty (8.00am - 5.00pm)

A canteen pass is usually made available for your use whilst you are an inpatient. If you have any special dietary requests, please discuss this with your Dietitian and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

Meal-times are as follows: 

Breakfast: 08.00 - 10.00


Evening meal: 18.00

Snacks and drinks (tea, coffee, hot chocolate and milky drinks) are available throughout the day. We can also provide you with a kettle for hot water, to make your own drinks in your room.

Can I bring my own food into hospital?

All inpatient rooms are equipped with a small fridge which can be used for storing your own food and drink items that you may wish to brought in from home. Please read the ward food policy to find out what type of foods can be brought in.

The hospital food policy does not allow food brought in from home to be heated or cooked on the ward.

Can I leave the ward?

If you wish to leave the ward, it is essential for safety reasons to ask the nurse in charge, informing them of where you are going and at what time you expect to return. If you are going out in the evening you need to return to the ward by 22.30pm and be in your own room by 23.00pm. This is to enable night medication to be administered in accordance with hospital policy and allow time for you to settle before the ward lights are turned out.

Am I allowed to have contact with other CF patients?

You are encouraged NOT TO HAVE CONTACT with other CF patients in clinic, in hospital or socially. If you do, you can potentially put yourself at risk of acquiring new infections as well as putting others at risk of acquiring your infection. This may also cause your health to deteriorate.

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