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Dementia Screening

Dementia screening image with elderly person

University Hospitals of Leicester are now screening patients for dementia.

If you are aged 75 and over and are admitted to our hospitals in an emergency, the doctor will screen you to check for the early signs of dementia.

This does not mean that you or your relative has dementia but it is important that any early signs and symptoms are recognised. A timely diagnosis can greatly improve the quality of life for the person with dementia and can offer support to carers and families.

Early diagnosis allows a person with dementia and their family to receive help in understanding and adjusting to the diagnosis and to prepare of the future in an appropriate way. This may include making legal and financial arrangements, changes to living arrangements, and finding out about aids and services that will enhance the quality of life for the person with dementia and their family, friends and carers.

Admission to hospital gives an opportunity to assess patients properly and to make sure they have the appropriate care when they are discharged.

For more information on the dementia screening process at University Hospitals Leicester please see our leaflet below and our Dementia Assessment page or contact lara.wealthall@uhl-tr.nhs.uk

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