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Are You at Risk?

We have helped to develop an easy way for people to assess their risk of having diabetes.

Working in partnership with Diabetes UK, the largest diabetes charity in the country and Leicester University, we have produced the first diabetes risk assessment that can be used in a multi-ethnic population.

The Diabetes Risk Score uses 7 questions to identify how high a risk there is of someone having diabetes. The questions check your age, ethnicity, sex, family history of diabetes, waist size, body mass index and any history or treatment for high blood pressure.

Answering the questions will not tell you if you have got diabetes, just what your risk of having it is. You will need to see your GP (doctor) for a firm diagnosis.

Professor Melanie Davies, our honorary consultant physician in diabetes says:

“There are an estimated 2.6m people in England with diabetes with 500,000 of them not diagnosed. The impact of diabetes on individuals and their families can be profound. The costs to the NHS are also significant with diabetes prescriptions alone costing £500m a year. My team and I are proud that the Diabetes Risk Score will enable people to quickly and easily find out what their chance of having diabetes is and take action accordingly. The earlier diabetes is diagnosed the earlier effective treatment can start.”

Leicester faces a significant challenge from diabetes with recent evidence indicating that 10 per cent of the population has diabetes and this is even higher in the South Asian community. The use of the Diabetes Risk Score will be particularly useful to that community.

The Diabetes Risk Score is already being used in a number of other studies to identify people at high risk of diabetes and encourage them to see their doctor.


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