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                   Endoscopy Services

An endoscopy is a test to look inside your body. This procedure normally means a long, thin tube with a small camera inside, called an endoscope, is passed into your body through a natural opening such as your mouth or into your bowels. 

There is also a capsule endoscopy which is a small camera the size of a large vitamin pill which can be swallowed to take pictures.  

Endoscopy UHL
Endoscopy Services at University hospitals of Leicester information can also be accessed from an APP on any APP store. The picture looks like the above on the APP store.

 Your GP or a specialist doctor may refer you for an endoscopy if you're having certain symptoms. 

Please discuss with your GP or specialist if you have any concerns about this. 

  • The Endoscopy procedure you have been referred to have will be done at an endoscopy department in a hospital. 
  • There are different types of endoscopy that look at different parts of the body. 
  • The type of endoscopy you have will depend on your symptoms, please read within types of Endoscopy Procedures to see all the patient pre-procedure information before attending for your procedure. 
  • You will find within the procedure information and advice, information about certain medications but if you have any worries or concerns please contact the endoscopy department you are attending for advice, and we will be happy to discuss this with you. 

  • The University of Leicester Hospitals offer different Endoscopy Procedures across Leicestershire. Please click on the Endoscopy Department list to see more information about the services offered, location of the hospitals and contact details.