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Fracture clinic

Our patients are benefiting from shorter waiting times and better appointment times as the result of our revolutionary nurse led fracture clinic at the Royal Infirmary. 

The nurse led fracture clinic was the first in the UK - since its inception in 1999 other trusts have followed suit, however these always have a doctor present and do not see the range of injuries that are seen at the Royal Infirmary.
Specialist dressing a patients fractured arm
Three specialist sisters staff the service and deal with a huge range of fractures on a daily basis, seeing between 120 and 140 patients per week.  Initially clinics were led by doctors, however as the project has developed they are now led by nurses with a doctor available at the end of the telephone if needed.    

Sue Barden-Marshall, specialist sister, said:  “By holding nurse led clinics we are able to see more patients - this means that we directly affect waiting times and make them shorter."

“Initial feedback from patients is very positive, enhancing the patients experience - this will be formally evaluated at a later date.”

Staff developed a system in April 2009 which means that patients referred to the clinic by their GP can contact the clinic direct and make a convenient appointment.  Staff also refer patients to other hospital departments as appropriate as well as diagnosing conditions and developing treatment plans.