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Support Group

Our staff have set up a support group for women who have had gynaecological cancers.

The monthly meeting is for patients who have recovered from ovarian, cervical, endometrial or vulval cancers.

Gynaecology oncology clinical nurse specialist Louise Boulter has helped to set the group up.

She said: “More people are surviving cancers and to provide women with support following treatment and or surgery, we asked some of them what they would like from a support group. They gave us valuable information which has enabled us to set up this group for them.

“Sometimes, these women can feel embarrassed by their illness and having someone who has been through the same thing to talk to can be really helpful.

“Each month we invite a speaker to talk for part of the meeting about survivor issues such as HRT, financial issues and how to get help, urinary problems and complementary therapies.”

The monthly meeting takes place at Coping with Cancer, in Westley Road, Leicester, between 2.30pm and 4.30pm on the first Tuesday of every month.

More information: 

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