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Habilitation Service (hearing aid clinic)

Referrals for hearing aid assessment are accepted from health or education professionals following an appropriate hearing test. Parent referrals are accepted if your child already wears hearing aids and you need to transfer your child’s hearing care into the area due to relocation.

All appointments are 90 minutes long and include a variety of tests and discussion regarding hearing aids, hearing loss and your child in general.  The appointment may also be attended by your child’s teacher of the deaf.  You must bring your child’s hearing aids to all appointments. 

A hearing test is completed and the hearing aid will be reprogrammed if appropriate. Testing can be completed to ensure the hearing aid is of sufficient benefit for your child.


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PHS - Habilitation service 2
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 Please find further information on the linked booklet: Hearing aid clinic booklet 

Importance of aiding

If your child has a hearing test and a hearing loss is picked up, whether this is a temporary or permanent hearing loss, it is very important  intervention is put in place as soon as possible. For children born with a hearing loss intervention, with hearing aids, before 6months of age is  required to ensure any delay in speech and language development. For children with a hearing loss picked up at a later stage, it is very important to ensure that a hearing loss is aided as soon as possible to ensure the best possible opportunity for development whether that is speech development or day to day learning.


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