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Heart Services

We have coronary care units at Leicester Royal Infirmary and Glenfield Hospital and cardiac nurses working in the emergency department at Leicester Royal Infirmary.  We also have a rapid access chest pain (RACP) service that provides a quick and early assessment by cardiologists of patients with suspected heart or chest pain.

We provide a comprehensive range of specialist services including planned and emergency services for adults and children requiring cardiac investigations and treatment. We treat patients with conditions including heart disease, heart attacks, heart valve problems, irregular heart rhythms and congenital disorders.

Non invasive cardiac investigations are carried out at the General Hospital for both inpatients and outpatients which include echocardiography, electrocardiogram, 24 hour blood presure monitor, 24 hour ambulatory monitor, and autonomic function test.

Our staff provide both adult and children’s heart services which have a growing national and international reputation. We also pursue an active programme of research aimed at improving care and outcomes for patients with a range of heart problems.  

You can find accessibility information here.

Website links:

Activate your Heart - lots of useful information for both heart patients and carers

British Heart Foundation - your heart health questions answered

Heart Link - East Midlands charity based at Glenfield Hospital that aims to support parents and children with congenital heart conditions

 You can find accessibility information for the Heart Failure Clinic here.