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Computed tomography (CT) enables the acquisition of a large volume of data within a minimum time frame, enabling 3D reconstruction and image manipulation during the reporting process.

As with all radiological requests, any CT referral needs to fall within guidelines and sufficient clinical information provided to allow justification. Examinations that fall outside established guidelines can be discussed with a radiologist.

Points for consideration:

  • CT is a high radiation dose examination; however CT remains the best investigation for many clinical problems within the chest and abdomen, despite the radiation risks.
  • CT is still widely used for intracranial problems, especially stroke and trauma.
  • CT remains an effective method of staging many malignant diseases (such as lymphoma) and of monitoring the response to therapy.
  • CT provides valuable preoperative information about complex masses and is widely used to investigate postoperative complications. 

You can find accessibility information for the Community Diagnostic Centre CT Scanner here.

You can find accessibility information for CT Scan here.