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New developments in Nuclear Medicine

Siemens Symbia Intevo Excel Gamma Camera at LRI
Siemens Symbia Intevo Excel Gamma Camera at LRI


The new Gamma/CT camera has been installed in the Nuclear Medicine department at the Royal Infirmary. This enables new imaging techniques to be performed that previously were unavailable to the UHL within Leicester.


Nuclear medicine has had a new Siemens Symbia Intevo Excel gamma/CT camera installed within its department at the Leicester Royal Infirmary.


The new camera allows the nuclear medicine service to offer a greater depth and quality of imaging to be provided within the UHL.


SPECT-CT provides the ability to merge or overlay acquired images. This often allows the reporting clinician to more accurately pinpoint the site of any abnormality on the nuclear medicine scan.


This can be of importance as the interpretation of an area of interest may change depending on its location, or what has been visualised.


For example, in small areas like the spine or feet, it is sometimes hard to determine from the nuclear medicine imaging alone whether the abnormality lies in the bone or the adjacent joints – fusing a SPECT with CT provides added confidence in identifying where the abnormality is.


The new camera installation has been completed, the camera is now being used for clinical imaging since the beginning of April 2016.