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Staff in nuclear medicine

There are many different staff groups involved in nuclear medicine, all working as part of a multidisciplinary team. These include the following groups who carry out a range of tasks listed below:           

Nuclear Medicine Technologists

  • undertake all aspects of the imaging of patients and patient care
  • administer radiopharmaceuticals to patients
  • work in radiopharmacy preparing and dispensing radiopharmaceuticals to be administered to the patient
  • analyse non-imaging investigations in the laboratory
  • process the images obtained
  • regularly undertake quality assurance checks on the gamma cameras
  • deliver therapy treatments
  • carry out patient stressing for cardiac procedures

Nursing staff

  • provide clinical support to the department
  • administer radiopharmaceuticals and allied pharmaceuticals
  • ensure infection control measures are in place
  • act as patient advocates (caring at its best, older people’s champions)
  • carry out patient stressing for cardiac procedures 


  • provide scientific support to the department
  • participate in research and development in nuclear medicine
  • give radiation protection advice to staff, patients and the public
  • process and report complex investigations
  • regularly check equipment
  • administer therapeutic agents and perform dosimetry measurements and calculations   


  • authorise referrals
  • administer radioactive substances (ARSAC certificate holders)   

Other staff

There are also a number of other groups of staff that contribute to the nuclear medicine service for example: oncologists, haematologists, service managers, porters, assistant technical officers, ambulance service and administrative staff.


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