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PMCT Training for Radiographers

This 3 or 5 day course will teach radiographers how to complete PMCT scans. The course is run by radiographers with many years experience in PM imaging.

This course is intended for radiographers who know how to use a CT scanner. The course can be tailored for other radiographers and medical staff who may be employed in PM imaging with prior discussion.

A series of lectures will be provided including:

  • Introduction to PM imaging
  • How to do PMCT scans
  • How and why use ventilation with PMCT scans
  • How and why use post mortem CT angiography
  • How coronary artery calcium scoring can be used in PMCT
  • How a PMCT service can be run

The radiographer participants will spend half the course in the scanner leaning how to do PMCT scans. Working with local radiographers, by the end of the course radiographers with prior CT knowledge should be confident in completing a PMCT scan. Others on the course will observe or complete scanning depending on their experience and current role.

The scans will be reviewed the following morning so the participants can gain an understanding of interpreting scans. They will be able to recognise common pathologies and differentiate them from PM changes.



The course is run at Leicester Hospitals.

Does this course not meet your needs?

We are able to tailor a course to your requirements. Please contact us to discuss this further.



This course is being proposed based on current COVID guidance, assuming social distancing will not be required.

National and Leicester specific COVID guidance will be reviewed and any change in guidance and restrictions will be adhered to.

The course may have to be postponed at short notice. Delegates will need to provide a mobile number so they can be contacted if this were to happen.


To apply to attend the course or for further information

If you have any questions or would like any further information, please contact us at PMRadiology@uhl-tr.nhs.uk or 0116 258 6890.