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CenTre Transport Service

An Ambulance

Neonatal Units in the UK are arranged into Networks of hospitals that work closely together. Leicester is part of the East Midlands Neonatal Operational Delivery Network. Further information about our network can be found at http://www.emnodn.nhs.uk.

In the UK, there are different types of neonatal unit:

  • Neonatal Intensive Care Units: These units provide the full range of intensive care facilities to babies of all gestations. The Leicester Royal Infirmary houses our large Neonatal Intensive Care and is the Lead Centre for our network. We offer facilities for babies that need neonatal surgery and work closely with experts from the East Midlands Congenital Heart Centre.
  • Local Neonatal Units: These units provide short term intensive care, and intensive care to more mature babies. We have a number of Local Neonatal Units in our network: we work very closely with our colleagues in Northampton and Kettering.
  • Special Care Units: The units provide special care, and have expertise in managing babies who do not need intensive care. They manage feeding issues, issues related to prematurity, and jaundice. We have 2 Special Care Units in Leicester, one at the Leicester Royal Infirmary and one at the Leicester General Hospital. There are other special care units in our region in Boston and Burton.

Wherever possible babies are cared for close to home in an appropriate unit. Sometimes babies need to be moved between hospitals in our network so that we can manage our smallest and sickest babies in the right place. If a baby temporarily moves to another hospital, we would try to get them back to their home unit as soon as possible. The move will be completed by the specialist CenTre transport team, which Leicester hosts, providing advice and specialist transport for sick infants.

Further information about our transport service can be found at http://www.centreneonataltransport.nhs.uk/about-us/centre-team/

In addition, a parent information leaflet from EMNODN about the transport service is available at https://www.emnodn.nhs.uk/media/2215/emnodn-transfer-parent-information-oct-2021.pdf