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Neonatal HomeCare Team

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Sister Claire Inglis is our lead nurse for our HomeCare Team.

Many of our patients have complex needs. We are experienced in helping to look after babies after discharge, particularly those where there are concerns about growth, a need for nasogastric tube feeding or a need for oxygen.

We start to plan for discharge as soon as a baby is admitted as we know that parents want their baby home as soon as possible.

We strongly support family centred care and recognise the unique role that parents play in looking after their baby. On the unit, we will encourage you to hold your baby and feed them. If they are too small to feed, we can teach you how to give tube feeds.

We will encourage you to get breast feeding established and help you learn how to look after your baby.

Most parents enjoy 'kangaroo care' and we will show you the importance of positive touch.

When your baby is near to discharge, we will go through the options with you, and try to get your baby home as soon as possible.

Claire now helps to run outreach services across our region and similar support will be offered to you if you move to a network hospital closer to your home.

Parent Education Programme

We also provide a parent education programme, which is designed to offer support, reassurance and training to parents and their families in order to reduce the risk of infant mortality in Leicester.

The programme comprises of the eight basic aspects of education:

  1. Basic Life Support
  2. How to deal with a choking baby
  3. How to recognise the signs of illness
  4. Safe sleeping
  5. Breastfeeding support
  6. Smoking cessation
  7. Coping with a crying baby
  8. Signposting to healthy lifestyle choices

There is an applet you can use alongside this program, which is available at https://storkforparents.goodbarber.app.

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