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Pre-operative Assessment Service

 here. We care for patients who are going to have an operation or a surgical procedure under general anaesthetic.

Our Service

We are a nurse led service managing the pre-operative process to determine if you are physically fit enough to have surgery.

  • We assess you to ensure that you are as fit as possible for surgery and anaesthetic
  • We help reduce your worries and concerns
  • We provide verbal and written information about your admission to hospital, your surgical procedure, length of stay and discharge
  • A registered nurse/allied health professional will undertake the majority of your assessment asking you questions about your general health and your lifestyle (e.g. whether you smoke or drink)


Pre-operative Assessment

Your pre-operative assessment happens after you and your surgeon have decided that a surgical procedure is necessary.

Following the discussion with your surgeon you will receive a text message from Ultramed with a link inviting you to complete your pre-operative assessment questionnaire.

The questionnaire assesses if you are ok to proceed with surgery.  Completing your assessment on line reduces the waiting time for patients and makes it easier for the hospital to plan your care.  This questionnaire is on line via a secure web based programme called MyPreOp.

Once you have submitted your MyPreOp questionnaire you will be contacted and advised if you are ready for surgery or if you require further assessment prior to surgery.

Click on the below to find out more:

Pre-operative assessment online questionnaire (MyPreOp) 

Pre-operative clinics

You can find accessibility information for Glenfield Hospital Pre - Assessment Clinics.

You can find accessibility information for For Orthopaedic Pre-Assessment Clinic here.