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Pre-operative Clinics

Attending pre-operative clinics

What to expect about attending a pre-operative clinic for an assessment before your operation.

Why do I need to attend a pre-operative assessment clinic?

You may be asked to attend a pre-operative clinic to ensure you are fit for your operation and allows the service to identify any problems at an early stage. This gives us some time to address any issues before your surgery and make sure any long term conditions such as asthma or diabetes are under control.

The assessment will also help you to plan for your hospital stay and recovery and give you the chance to ask any questions about your surgery.

Where will I need to go for my pre-operative assessment appointment?

You will receive an appointment invite by letter which will tell you which hospital site to attend, what day and time.

How long will my pre-operative assessment appointment take?

The average appointment duration is one hour. This may take longer if you require further tests or need to see an Anaesthetist.  We aim to make your stay in the department as short as possible wherever we can.  Be prepared by bringing drinks, snacks and something to occupy your time.

What should I bring with me?

  • Glasses and hearing aids if you wear them
  • Any medication you take regularly (either in the original packaging or your repeat prescription) including herbal remedies
  • A note of any allergies you have
  • A note of any questions you want to ask us


What happens during the pre-operative assessment appointment?

Your assessment may include:

  • Blood pressure 
  • Pulse
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Urine test – please try not to go to the toilet before you arrive in the clinic
  • Skin swabs for MRSA
  • ECG (heart tracing) 


Next of kin

We ask all adult patients to provide a full name and contact details for a nominated next of kin prior to your surgery.

What happens after my pre-assessment appointment?

We hope you will understand more about your operation and have had your questions answered.

When we receive your test results and when we are happy with the outcome, we will tell your surgeon’s booking team that you are fit for surgery.

There is no set waiting time between your assessment and surgery. This depends on your surgeon’s waiting list. Your surgeon’s booking team will contact you when they can schedule a date for your operation.

If there is any delay with the pre-assessment process, for example if we need to complete further tests, we will keep your GP informed.

Who can I contact if I have any urgent questions?

For any urgent questions please telephone the number on your appointment letter.