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Theatre Arrivals Areas

LRI TAA Reception

The concept of a Theatre Arrivals Area (TAA) is a well accepted one within the NHS and is designed to make the arrivals process for ambulatory surgical patients as smooth and efficient as possible.

The TAA provides a facility for patients to be admitted on the day of their surgery, to be processed by the nursing staff, and to meet their anaesthetist   and their surgeon. They then make the short journey into theatre for their operation.


Leicester Royal Infirmary

The TAA at the Royal was reconfigured in March 2014, is designed to provide individual, holistic, multidisciplinary pre-operative care and services for adults undergoing a surgical procedure.

Service is provided to the following specialties:

  • ENT

  • Bariatric surgery

  • Vascular surgery

  • Max Fax

  • General Surgery upper/lower GI

  • Plastic Surgery

  • Hand Trauma

  • Anaesthetics

The facilities within the TAA include:

  • Reception and waiting area

  • 6 exam consultation rooms fully equipped

  • 20 admission rooms maintaining privacy and dignity.

  • Large area with seating for 40 patients

  • Patient designated corridor to walk to theatre

For further information, please see Theatres Arrival Area Reconfiguration Project 

> Click here to download the Welcome to the Theatre Arrivals Area patient leaflet

 You can find accessibility information for theatre Arrivals here. 

Leicester General Hospital

The orthopaedic TAA at the General opened to patients in April 2015. Using existing and unutilised space, a new dedicated arrivals area was creatred exclusively for Theatres 10 - 14 at Leicester General Hospital. The new space offers an up to date, functional and welcoming space for orthopaedic patients and theatres staff.

Service is provided to the following specialties:

  • Knee Surgery

  • Hip Surgery

  • Other orthopaedic procedures

For further information, please see New Theatre Arrivals Area for orthopaedic surgical patients 

You can find accessibility information here.

Benefits of a TAA to patients and staff include:

  • Holistic, individualised, multidisciplinary approach to care

  • Safe, secure and relaxing pre-operative environment

  • Patients have a definite destination for admission, improving care pathway and experience

  • Improves patient dignity and reduces long walk to theatres

  • Increased theatre efficiency, theatres list start times and improved theatre flows

  • Improved patient flow, avoiding mixing of pre and post-operative patients

  • Reduction in the number of cancelled elective procedures

  • Meets Care Quality Commission (CQC) requirements and standards

  • Compliant with Infection Prevention and single sex accommodation policies

  • Compliant with Privacy and Dignity policies and procedures