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Specialist Ophthalmic services

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There are many specialties within the field of Ophthalmology, which are described briefly below.  Please follow the links below, or in the menu on the left to find out more about the specific area of our work that you are interested in.


Cataract pathway team.  We look after patients who are referred for possible cataract surgery, from the initial referral to post-operative care. 

Cornea and anterior segment.  We care for patients with diseases and disorders of the cornea (the front of the eye), and with refractive and immunological problems.  The consultant corneal surgeons are Mr J Prydal and Mr V Savant.

Glaucoma.  We look after patients with glaucoma, or glaucoma suspects.  The specialist consultant glaucoma surgeons are Mr WSS Karwatowski and Mr U Sarodia.

Neuro-ophthalmology and adult strabismus, including nystagmus.  We care for patients with neurological conditions affecting the eyes.  We also look after adult patients with strabismus (or squints), and nystagmus (wobbly eyes).  The consultant neuro-ophthalmic surgeons are Professor I Gottlob, Ms S Anwar, and Miss N Sarvananthan.

Oculoplastics and orbit.  We specialise in looking after patients with diseases and disorders of the eyelids, the tear drainage system, and the orbit surrounding the eye.  The consultant oculoplastic surgeons are Mr R Sampath and Mrs J Burns.

Paediatric eye services.  We care for all children with visual disorders, including inpatients in the Children's hospital.  The consultant paediatric ophthalmologists are Professor I Gottlob, Ms S Anwar, Miss N Sarvananthan, and Miss A Tandon.

Medical retina.  We look after patients suffering from diabetic retinopathy, uveitis, age-related macular degeneration, inherited retinal dystrophies and acquired retinal disorders.  The specialist consultant surgeons are Mr J Deane and Mr T Empeslidis.

Surgical retina.  We perform laser and surgical procedures to treat conditions such as retinal tears/detachment, macular hole, epi-retinal membrane, vitreous haemorrhage (bleed in the eye), complicated cataract surgeries and ocular trauma. The specialist consultant surgeons are Mr Chaudhuri and Mr Banerjee. 

Uveitis and ocular inflammatory disease.  Our service offers specialist care to patients suffering from Uveitis, or swelling within the eye.  The uveitis consultant is Mr Kumar.